Equilibrium Health Group

was created and founded to help address challenges that are experienced by a very diverse population.

The importance of recognizing the unique experience of individuals through a holistic lens and exploration of both past and present experiences helps in shedding light onto why we may be experiencing the challenges we are today. It is our ethical duty to keep up to date with the most recent evidence-based practices on interventions that treat the various challenges experienced by our clients. Through continuing education and research, our clients can trust they are receiving the best and most up to date services available.

Omar Fawzy, PhD, LCPC

I completed my MA in Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Throughout my educational and professional journey, I have had the opportunity to work in both a school setting and a community based mental health setting in the DC area.

My journey began at a DC public school where I worked with teens in addressing a wide variety of problems experienced both at school and at home. It was there that I began to understand and recognize the importance of having a multicultural lens while addressing the various challenges experienced by my clients. I was then able to continue my professional path at a community-based mental health center serving the DC, MD and VA area.

As I gained more experience and knowledge, I began to understand how to apply my clinical training and classroom training to help me understand the importance of having a Biopsychosocial approach to each individual person. My passion for counseling and continuing my education led me to completing my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. My PhD journey provided me with the ability to teach future counselors, while also continuing to stay up to date on the recent evidence-based practices used in counseling and gaining the necessary tools to become a competent researcher.

My dissertation focused on “Investigating the Role of the Imams in Serving the Mental Health Needs of Muslim Americans.” My research only strengthened my ability to utilize a holistic multicultural lens with each individual client, while understanding that the client is the expert in the room, as it is their life, they are allowing you to learn about.

Currently, I am only licensed in Maryland and provide services in both English and Arabic, but soon will be serving the DC area as well.