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Equilibrium Health Group (EHG) understands the courage and strengths it takes to begin or continue the journey towards a healthier life. Here at EHG you will be provided with a professional, licensed therapist who understands the importance of following you on your journey, while providing you with evidence-based treatments to address your current challenges. The goal of counseling is to provide you with the necessary tools to handle the various challenges in life through an empathic, holistic and multicultural lens.


Life is and can be challenging, and with those challenges we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, scared, worried and at times we feel a complete loss of control of ourselves. Whether it is a current challenge or transition you are facing, something that has happened in your past that is presenting you with challenges now, or you just need to explore why you feel/think the way you do, counseling is a great resource that can help alleviate and uncover the source of the symptoms you are currently experiencing.